Do you want to be free from your past?  Do you have difficulty in relationships because of the past? Do you battle with your identity, inferiority, performance or depression?

This is a powerful and life changing course that will bring you freedom from your past, healing to your heart and also equip and release you into a fresh identity and destiny as a son or daughter of God!

The Ancient Paths Seminar, by FAMILY FOUNDATIONS INTERNATIONAL, is a balanced ministry of Biblical teaching followed by Spirit-led prayer in small groups based on Jeremiah 6:16.

The teaching gives solid principles and moving examples that open the heart up for ministry to receive healing from a cursed identity.  The intent of the teaching is not just for information, but to expose hidden areas of woundedness that have occurred in the family or through other significant relationships. Developing relational communication skills is the profound opening topic.  The dynamics of how addictive patterns are formed when the soul is out of peace is next and then the seminar concludes with a journey through critical times of life when God intends to bless a person; such as birth, puberty, marriage and old age.

Seldom do we see people who are not deeply changed by God in these powerful times.


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