Living a big hearted life leads to opportunities to receive others, minister to, encourage and love others at every opportunity.  Hospitality is about creating an environment that feels like home! A place of beloning and a safe place for others. The word is very clear that this is a dynamic and relevant expression of God's heart to minister to his people and family!

Here in Life Connection we place a high value on each and every individual and love expressing that value in excellence and in a multitude of ways.  

Are you able to contribute in any of the following ways?

  • Fill the freezer
  • Emergency meals
  • Hosting delegates during conferences
  • Hosting visiting guests of Life Connection Church
  • Serving new visitors coffee and tea at Celebrations
  • Serving those in ministry with coffee and tea at Celebrations
  • Welcoming new visitors at Celebrations

Please email us if you would like to serve in any of these ways or if you have any questions and suggestions regarding hospitality.