It continues to be clear that even the greatest secular minds and financial systems cannot steward and manage the finances of the world.  Things are not working because of a lack of Godly stewardship and the wisdom of God. 

In Kingdom finances you will be able to identify the different economic systems and their impact and influence on people. You will also come away with clear insight and revelation with regards to God’s ways and Kingdom regarding stewardship and finances!  What a vital, relevant and practical area to get God’s heart and kingdom in!

A few of the areas that this equipping focuses on are:

  • The different economic systems
  • Identifying and dealing with the spirit of mammon and it's influence
  • Understanding God's heart and provision
  • Establishing a giving heart 
  • Understanding Stewardship
  • Developing a personal stewardship plan
  • Dealing with debt, freedom in Christ
  • Kingdom business, entrepreneurship and becoming Kingdom minded


Recommended reading:

  • Money, Wealth & Riches - Craig Hill
  • A Generous Heart - Mike Davies


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