Here at Lifeconnection in Calgary, Me2 Mentoring is an invaluable part of who we are as a church. We love living life together as women from different walks of life, different parts of Canada & the world.  It’s through these life-giving relationships and friendships that God continues to transform our lives as we walk with Father and one another.

We not only believe in growing as daughters in the Kingdom but also trust that others in our communities & city will come to walk as women of worth. 



Committing one year to the development of our spiritual effectiveness as we become women of the Word and the Spirit.  ME2 creates an environment and opportunities in and beyond your monthly meeting where mentoring through relationships can begin to take place in a significant way.

Me2 Mentoring is not a program that you can simply replicate, but rather a relational structure that empowers us to function effectively as an organization. Me2 Mentoring was birthed in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. For more information about Me2 please visit Me2 Mentoring.


ME2 2017/2018

For the 2017/2018 we will not have a small group expression for ME2. Please look out for our special ENCOUNTER nights on Mar 17 & May 12 and be sure to look out for the launch of our ME2 small groups in the fall of 2018!


For more information regarding ME2 at Lifeconnection, please contact us.