Join others and discover together what kind of a man pleases God and who Father has destined you to be. Men of strength, adventure, character, love & life continue to be a rare find.  In a world of confused identity there is still a special place in the heart of God for those who engage with God, and become men of the Word, men of the Spirit and men of the Kingdom.



Men of the Kingdom takes places from October to June where men meet just once a month (usually in the last week of every month) with their group.  A meal is shared, relationships develop and various materials are used to encourage and inspire men in God.  Men of the Kingdom events throughout the year are open to all men, even those who are not in a MK group.

Men of the Kingdom creates an environment & opportunities in and beyond your monthly meeting where mentoring through relationships can begin to take place in a significant way.


Because of our commitment to grow together in relationship and trust, it is only possible to join at the beginning of the cycle in the Fall each year. Here are the details for the 2017/2018 MK season starting this fall: 

Registration Deadline: Fall 2017 (specific date to follow)

Cost: $60 per person

  • $60 due at registration or you can pay $30 at registration and $30 in January
  • Full cost includes the MK launch, all resources & admin fees for the year
  • Cost for all other events are not included 

MK Launch: Fall 2017 (specific date to follow)

If you would like to register for the 2017/2018 MK season, then please fill out the following form:

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