There are many ways that you can get involved in a very real and practical way as we express a servant's heart in our community and beyond.

On the last Sunday of every month at Generosity Sunday we need help with:

  • sorting through items given to shelters

  • delivering generosity boxes to shelters

  • delivering frozen meals to families and individuals in need and those going through difficult circumstances

  • Supplying meals for families experiencing devastation or emergencies

Trades:  A few times a year we are looking to take on a redemptive project for people in desperate need.

  • Give some of your time, skills and abilities to making a difference and ministering God's heart to people

  • Lead a team of trades people on local missions to those in need

  • Feel free to let us know what you can do, how much you can do and when you are available

  • Maybe you are not too talented in the trades, but you are willing to assist and help them on a project


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As a church we are partnering with the Sonshine Community Services to serve families in need.

As part of our Mercy Ministries expression in our city:

1) we have adopted a suite at the Sonshine Centre;

2) we are also assembling Kids Welcome Bags for kids who call the Sonshine Centre home for a season.


Please email us for more details if you would like to get involved with Mercy Ministries .

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