Sonship is one of those invaluable and vital core values in the Kingdom, yet very few have more than a superficial understanding and insight into this life giving way of God.

God is not interested in your giftings, talents or abilities until He knows that you have an authentic identity in Him as a son or daughter of God.

Come to a place where your value and worth are settled in your sonship and nothing else!

Some of the topics that are focused on in this equipping are:

  • Sonship the highest call
  • The pursuit of a son
  • The maturing of a son
  • The sowing of the sons of the Kingdom
  • Gaining the mind of Christ
  • Reflection, Representation and Reproduction
  • Father disciplines His sons
  • False Fathers & True sons


Recommended reading:

  • From slavery to sonship - Jack Frost
  • The spirit of sonship - John Kingsley Alley


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